I'm not the only one

I am heartened to see that I am not alone in my insistence on the proper use of words and language. Though I know I had nothing whatsoever to do with these articles, it's always helpful to know that I'm not the only one who has seen this problem (which alos means that it's a real one).

So, to start with, let us look at this article about an employer who won't hire people who can't use grammar properly. This is only partly about words, with much more consideration being given to the unpronounced symbols that specify the meaning of what we're communicating. For example, it's is the contracted form of it is, while its is the possessive form of it. Grammar augments and specifies our meanings, and should be well used. Wanton cruelty to the common comma is exactly what a mastery of grammar should help us to avoid (or at least make highly amusing).

For a somewhat more controversial example, let us now turn to look at the marriage wars. I'll admit, I'm treading on hot coals here, but let's just focus on the definitions. Robert George writes that the traditional definition of marriage as a reproductive union founded on the complementarity of the sexes is ignored by those who favour legalising same-sex "marriage" and not well understood by those who oppose them. This is a good case study of what happens when words that describe certain things have their meanings divorced from what they are describing, and exactly how language can degenerate into the easily abused morass that we have today in much of the English-speaking world.

Finally, let us turn to Marc Barnes (whose Bad Catholic blog on Patheos is one of my personal favourites) as he holds forth on beauty once more. Here he meditates on how the word priceless has been degraded in our materialist culture and how it actually points to a supernatural reality through the ancient rubric of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. In this case, Marc focuses on how Beauty is priceless and is thus infinite. With no possibility of the infinite being natural, we must either surmise that our experience of the universe is pretty much rubbish, or that there exists an infinite supernatural reality (or in simpler terms, that Beauty points to God by being infinite). This is much of the essence of what I will try to get at in the word adventures to come.

As a parting note, I am aware that I have been very remiss in posting of late. University is back and I have a lot of hobbies and duties to attend to. Even so, there is still more than enough time for me to write posts, and I shall endeavour to provide more essays, meditations and word adventures. I know I have the time; all that is left is to use it and use it well.

God bless.

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