Welcome to the New Review

Welcome to the New LAWW Review. I think a few explanations are in order, but first, let's get some music going.

And now, with some accompaniment, let me begin by the obvious changes I have made - the visual ones. Largely, this is why I put off my relaunch by a week. I am, by no means at all, done with my visual changes, but the most dramatic ones have already been made. Let's start with the background.

In the beginning God created heaven, and earth. And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters. And God said: Be light made. And light was made. -- Genesis 1:1-3

I think that this little spot from the Bible should be quite enlightening of my mind regarding the background. You can tell I have a star floating over what appears to be an ocean, but I have named this particular background "The Primordial Sea" in deference to this passage from Genesis. Quite simply, the meaning ought to be plain - my blog is undergoing a process of creation. I am starting from nothing, and am thus going to be continually adding to and ultimately perfecting this blog. So naturally, things will change, as all things do. I hope that in all that change, it all ends up making this blog more enjoyable, more open and more fun to read and visit.

Obviously, I've redone my title header using a favoured font of mine (it's called Battlefield, if you're interested), and older readers may recognise it from Colony Wars and G-Police. I would have liked to do the whole site in this font, but alas, I am unable to. We shall see what becomes of it.

I would also like to draw your attention to the dedication at the bottom of the blog. I have certainly become very much religious than when I started this blog in 2008 for my senior year of quantum mechanics, and I feel it right to declare that all I do here is for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. Hence, all the Biblical meaning embedded in the page. With that in mind, what greater intercessors can I have than Jesus and Mary?

This said, I should point out that I'm not going to be doing very much with my general intent for this blog. I still intend to try and observe, reflect on and change the culture in which I live, and after some contemplation, I have determined that there are two things whose interplay gives rise to culture - perception and communication.

Perception roughly covers all elements of philosophy, science, faith and spirituality. It is all about how we perceive the world around us, its makeup, its mystery, its origins and its ends.

Communication covers all aspects of communicating these ideas, philosophies and perceptions. In short, it is all about language, and how we use it.

In light of this, you will be roughly able to divide all my posts now into three groupings - the cultural, the perceptive, and the linguistic. The cultural posts will generally observe elements of our culture and how the interplay of words and ideas is expressed. This will take the form of reviews and reflections on the expressions of the ideas of our culture in the form of books, movies, series, and the like. The perceptive posts will be more inclined towards observing the ideas and attempting to determine their worth. I being a Catholic, I find that ideas are well worth judging. It is not evil to judge an idea to be wanting, or a philosophy to be deficient. Therefore, I shall be doing these in essays on various trends in ideas and linguistic use. Those essays on linguistic use overlap with the final category of linguistics, which will delve into the origins, meanings and use and misuse of words in the past and today. Particularly, I am keen on a little thing I call a Word Adventure, wherein I would trace the origins of a word, its use and misuse, in what I should hope to be as interesting a form as possible, thus enlivening the English language and making up for what can only be described as a deficient English curriculum these days (there - I judged that now didn't I?).

Unlike the past, I shall not hold myself to any sort of timetable for these posts. I tried that, and wound up delivering a great quantity of posts of mediocre quality. Now, I'd rather be a bit more quality focused, and push myself to do things not because of some arbitrary deadline but rather out of a sincere desire to share some very exciting and interesting thoughts. If I might borrow from Michael Voris, timetables will indeed be open to interpretation (which is why I need the prayers of Jesus and Mary if this blog is to get anywhere).

Now, I did also hint that I am something of a binger when a deadline approaches and I promised a brief explanation on that. Simply put, I was doing my Biblical studies subject for my teaching diploma and I had to go through the entire unit in about a week. Which I did. Then I had to do a research essay on Luke's infancy narrative and the Old Testament motifs present therein, which I did over the next week. Suffice it to say, I described this as my Jesus Binge, and while that does draw many negative connotations, and it did at times very much hurt my brain, it was certainly well worth it - I'm looking at an HD in Biblical Studies, and so I'm naturally quite pleased.

So, that why I was late. Seems a perpetual thing for me, but alas, that is another post. For now, it is enough for me to say to you, Keep calm and carry on, and to myself, Keep calm and make it so.

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  1. You've got me all worked up now, all the best with it.